Spring Two-Man League – Notice to Competitors

Two-man Team Championship
Spring 2022
SimGolf – TGC2019

Regular Season – January 4th – March 8 th
Playoffs – March 8th – April 6th**

Event Details :
Team Rules:
All Teams will be flighted by the better golfer (A) on each team with the (B) golfer needing to be within 10 handicap points, preferably 8. Each individual handicap use will be based on two-man rounds played from the previous season. Those who haven’t played in the previous season will be assigned a starting handicap based on all TGC society round they have played.

Regular Season : The league will be divided into four divisions – 8-12 teams in each. Each week, teams will go head-to-head against each team in their division.  The format is fourball match play with handicaps off the lowest (80%). 20 points available per match, 1 per hole, 2 points overall (combined low net). 5 bonus points for the top team in each division each week.

Playoffs: After group play is over, 6 teams will advance in to a 4 division elimination brackets. The Top 2 teams from each division will receive a bye in the first playoff round. Remaining teams qualify by regular season point total.  Final 4 teams from each division will advance and play each other to determine an overall winner.
Format is fourball, handicaps off the lowest (80%) in each foursome

Weekly Matches: Will start Tuesday and run until midnight on Monday local time. Match can be played live with your opponent but not required.  Score must be played in the Two-man League Society and post to be counted.

Rules and Settings: Protee interface 4.3.1 is required. 5% Boost is allowed, Straight Putt ON is allowed, 6 Foot Gimmies or less.

Entry Fee: This league is provided at zero cost to the SimGolf community. See the Merch channel to make a donation.

Substitutes: Substitutes are not allowed once playoffs rounds have started. During the regular season each team member can be substituted for once. It must be known in advance and will be at random from available sub pool.

Course Selection & Settings: Voting will be the primary determination for course selection. Special exceptions will be made for playoff courses. Green Speed will be set at “Medium/Slow to Moderate” Green Firmness will vary based on course yardage and playability. The course designer’s recommendations will also influence the final course settings.

Reining Champs:
Bender + Wonko – Fall 2020
niarchambault + pnug777 – Spring 2021
joemari72 + wyz11- Fall 2021
TBD – Spring 2022


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2022 Spring Two-Man League – TGC2019 – F4

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