SimGolf and Commoners Cup 2021 Kickoff

Welcome to another season of SimGolf!  We are proud to announce two new Ryder Cup style events that will be run this fall, the SimGolf Cup and the Commoners Cup.  All of the events below will be played in TGC2019.

The SimGolf Cup will be the top 20 players determined by qualifying split into two teams of 12.  One team will be captained by MLoga and RandomHero and the other team will be captained by Bender and Raayz. This event will not be handicapped. 

The Commoners Cup will be open to all participants who complete qualifying (other than players competing in the SimGolf Cup).  One team will be captained by triplebogeysrbetter and the other team will be captained by rmsanger.  This event will not be handicapped but captains will use handicaps established in qualifying to make matches as fair as possible.


Both cup events will consist of 4 weeks of qualifying and 4 weeks of competition. All qualifying rounds will be played in the SimGolf society.

Qualifying Round 1Monday Oct 11 – Sunday Oct 17Stroke Play
Qualifying Round 2Monday Oct 18 – Sunday Oct 24 Stroke Play
Qualifying Round 3Monday Oct 25 – Sunday Oct 31 Stroke Play
Qualifying Round 4Monday Nov 1 – Sunday Nov 7Stroke Play
Cup Round 1Monday Nov 15 – Sunday Nov 214-Ball Match Play
Cup Round 2Monday Nov 29 – Sunday Dec 5 Hi-Low Match Play
Cup Round 3Monday Dec 6 – Sunday Dec 12Low-Total Match Play
Cup Round 4Monday Dec 13 – Sunday Dec 19Singles Match Play

Qualifying Events

Qualifying will consist of 4 weeks of single round events played in the SimGolf society. For each qualifying event, the place a player finishes in stroke play against the field compared to all other players who registered for qualifying will determine the number of points the player receives for that event.  For example, if 50 registered players play an event, the player that finishes first will receive 50 points.  Players that finish in 2nd place will receive 49 points, and so on. The top 3 event scores will be used to calculate a player’s final qualifying position with the worst event score being thrown out. In the event of a tie for the final qualifying spot, the tie will be broken with wedges at Buckthorn. 

All players who wish to compete in either cup must register and complete at least 3 qualifying events.  See the link below for the registration form.

Cup Events

The captains for both cups will be responsible for drafting teams, selecting matchups, and making sure that their players play matches or find suitable subs. Captains will arrange matches for each weekly event. It is highly encouraged to play cup matches live against opponents. Cup events will be played in a Ryder Cup-style format with each match being worth 1 point. The team with the most points at the end of the Cup is the winner.  In the event of a tie, there will be a tie-breaking match between the captains. 


Playing with unapproved settings will result in your disqualification from both qualifying and cup events.  Acceptable settings are listed below:

  • Gimmies – 6 ft
  • Straight Putt – On or Off
  • Boost – 0% on all clubs
  • Short Chip Correction – On or Off
  • Green Settings – any

Sign Up

Look for future announcements on the Cup competitions as qualifying proceeds.


Registered Players